When A Death Occurs At Home

When someone dies at home the first contact should be with the family doctor. The doctor will usually come to the house and, if satisfied with the cause of death, will issue the Cause of Death certificate; which can normally be collected from the surgery by the family. Once the doctor has completed his visit to the house you can call us and arrange for us to come to your home.
* Due to Covid-19 the Cause of Death certificate is not to be collected from the surgery. The doctor will email the certificate to the Registrar.

When A Death Occurs In Hospital Or A Nursing Home

When a person dies in hospital or a nursing home, the staff will make the necessary arrangements for a doctor to issue the Cause of Death Certificate and will advise you on the procedures for collection.

When The Coroner Is Involved

In some cases a death has to be reported to the Coroner. There are several reasons why the Coroner may be involved; it may simply be that a doctor has not seen the deceased within a set period of time. The Coroner will instruct an undertaker to move the deceased, but you are NOT obligated to use their services for the funeral if you choose not to. YOU MAY ASK FOR YOUR OWN FUNERAL DIRECTOR TO MOVE THE DECEASED AND CHOOSE YOUR OWN FUNERAL DIRECTOR TO CARRY OUT THE FUNERAL . The doctor will not issue a Cause of Death Certificate, the coroner will send all relevant paperwork directly to the registrars office.

How To Register A Death

By law, all deaths in England and Wales must be registered within five days. If you have the Cause of Death Certificate you should register as soon as possible. If the Coroner is involved he will advise you when to register. You will need to make an appointment with the registrar's office in the district in which the death occurred. The registrar will require the Cause of Death Certificate, medical card and, if applicable, the marriage certificate. You will also need to provide any book or document relating to a pension or allowance paid to the deceased from public funds.
* Due to Covid-19 an appointment with the registrars office will need to be made by telephone. Everything will be done on the telephone not in person.