Privacy Policy

Gradys Family Funeral Directors collect Personal Data solely for the arrangements of the Funeral Service or the planning of a Memorial.

Gradys Family Funeral Directors retain Personal Information in the event of future communications, so we are able to reference previous Funerals , Dates, Service Information, Grave locations etc. If you do not want this to happen, then please advise.

Gradys Family Funeral Directors keep Personal information in filing cabinets which are locked when no-one is present. Previous Funeral Data is also stored offsite in a secure back up system.

All computers are password protected.

If arranging an Order of Service, any information and photos given to us will be forwarded to the company that we outsource to. They have their own Privacy Policy in place, which by allowing them to receive said items, you will be agreeing to their terms.

Gradys Family Funeral Directors do not use Personal Information for any Marketing purposes.